HiFiMAN Deva with Bluemini Review 9

HiFiMAN Deva with Bluemini Review


Value and Conclusion

  • HiFiMAN sells the Deva with Bluemini for $299.
  • Great-sounding
  • Wired performance
  • Wireless performance
  • Comfortable
  • Good price-to-performance ratio
  • Cabling to ear cups less than ideal
  • A bit bulky for on-the-go use
  • No noise attenuation
After spending some time with the Deva and Bluemini, it is clear that HiFiMAN has struck gold again. The Deva on its own is an impressively lightweight, comfortable headphone that paired with HiFiMAN's excellent planar magnetic driver technology is bound to be major hit. At $299, just the Deva on its own is great value. Factor in the Bluemini, and the product as a package is hard not to recommend for anyone looking to get into planar magnetic headphones. The fact that the Bluemini performs well enough not to be a major bottleneck for the Deva's sound quality proves that HiFiMAN is good at designing budget friendly hardware and headphones.

HiFiMAN manages to pull off a great headphone with the Deva and an equally impressive Bluetooth adapter in the Bluemini. Everything we like about the planar magnetic headphones from HiFiMAN is in the Deva. It performs great for the price as you get the full planar bass experience along with a very pleasant tuning. Being priced at $299 means they are within reach for most headphone enthusiasts, and they are still of tremendous value even if you are not a fan of Bluetooth. One can hope that HiFiMAN at some point releases a cable-only version at a lower price so that even more people can enjoy the Deva.

There are minor things in the mechanical design that could do with a little more tweaking as we are not overly impressed with the cable-routing. This is the only issue we came across, and it is minor, which bodes well for durability. An issue with HiFiMAN previously, design maturity seems to be on another level compared to most new designs from HiFiMAN. The Deva on its own looks great; it isn't that dark, and build quality is good all around. This headphone feels pretty solid, and there are no obvious eyesores. The headband is a bit thick, and the transition to the adjustment system is a little clumsy, but nothing that really detracts from the overall experience. There are no creaks or squeaks, and it fits just about any head size.
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