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HiFiMAN TWS600 Review

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The HiFiMAN TWS600 is an interesting true wireless stereo headset from HiFiMAN. Selling for a very reasonable $99, it is one of the cheaper sets available from a respectable brand. The TWS600 promises a battery life of 5.5 hours for the in-ears and 38.5 hours if you take into account the battery capacity in the carrying case.

The TWS600 supports Bluetooth 5.0, so in terms of compatibility, it should have you covered for a long time. Unlike the ANANDA-BT, there is no support for LDAC or AptX.

Like other HiFiMAN products, the focus of this headset is sound quality for the listener; the microphone design for calls is secondary. HiFiMAN is using their newest nano-coated driver technology tuned quite closely to their usual target curve.

The Package

HiFiMAN's newest boxes are quite sturdy and flashy. The TWS600 ships in a thick cardboard box with a lot of goodies inside. HiFiMAN is not holding back in terms of features on their recent Bluetooth headsets. The TWS600 also features Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility and extended range. HiFiMAN advertises an IPX4 rating on the box, which includes being splash proof. This definitely bodes well for long-term durability assuming the ingress protection against foreign objects is equally capable.

HiFiMAN gets it, all their newest devices use USB-C and will mate with pretty much any USB-C cable, even those with huge overmolds.

In terms of design, the carrying case for the TWS600 is pretty odd. The ellipsoidal shape with the off-centered logo and big hinge on the back just looks strange and overly bulky.

Closer Examination

The design of the earphones is just as questionable as that of the carrying case. It seems too eager to be different without paying attention to what is most important for what you need in a set of in-ears. In most ears, the ear pieces end up looking like pieces of jewelry that are out of place.

The odd swoosh design is most noticeable when it is lit up by the blue and red diode. These turn off once you have them out of the box and they are paired. There is a button on both ear pieces you can use for starting and stopping music, along with turning the earphones off. The buttons work great, and the earphones pair up quickly even when they have just been power cycled.

As you might be able to tell from the pictures the shape of these in-ears is a little special. It is basically a set of cylinders eccentrically placed inside each other. This shape does seem to fit inside a normal concha, but once you factor in the exit angle of the stem, I am not so sure. They sit 0.5–1.5 cm from the concha in my ears. This is a little more than the Jabra Elite 75T. While noticeable, it does not make the TWS600 any less comfortable.

Tip selection includes the usual suspects for HiFiMAN. There are your normal S/M/L single flanges and a three sets of doubles and a set of triples. The tips are of the same quality as those you get with other HiFiMAN in-ears and generally perform well. What we miss from the bundle is a good set of foam tips from one of the big brands. To my ears, a set of Comply foam tips would really up the value as the fit becomes more stable and Comply foam tips allow for the bulk of earphones to better align with my ears. The good news here is of course that HiFiMAN uses a standard tip-mounting system, so you have plenty of aftermarket options.
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