i-Rocks K71M RGB Keyboard Review 0

i-Rocks K71M RGB Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

i-Rocks does not operate a web shop directly, so we begin with a look at the product packaging. on the front, we have a colorful box with the company logo and product name next to a large render of the keyboard all lit up. Some marketing features are specified as well, and a sticker informs us of the switch used on the unit inside. I do like the accentuating color on the side of the box which mimics the light bar on the keyboard itself. On the back are more renders, and we get our first look at the integrated features aboard the i-Rocks K71M beyond the lighting and the 104-keys. There are also specifications in multiple languages here. Two double flaps on the side keep the contents inside in place during transit.

Opening the box, we see the keyboard tucked between cardboard on all sides for added protection on top of the foam wrap it is placed inside. Underneath, we have the paperwork consisting of a user manual that can be found online inside a compressed folder housing other drivers for the keyboard. The only other item is a detachable male USB Type-A to male USB Type-C cable in a separate cardboard layer, which points towards the use of Type-C connectivity on the keyboard and is nice to see. It is otherwise a plain black cable with rubber insulation over the wiring inside.
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