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iBUYPOWER Snowblind Review

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The iBUYPOWER Snowblind ships in a fully colored, white cardboard box. While unusual, this is the best way to show off the fact that there is actually an LCD screen on the side glass panel in all its glory. Both larger panels have images of the chassis, while the smaller ones are essentially identical. iBUYPOWER mentions that you will get a keyboard and mouse inside the package, but that only holds true for the full systems they sell utilizing the Snowblind.

Some thick foam spacers with cardboard for added structural strength hold the unit in place. While this may be a bit overkill for an empty chassis, it makes total sense for a full system. In fact, iBUYPOWER shipped the whole chassis in its own branded and larger box with lots of filler material where you would usually find all the system peripherals and accessories.


You will get plenty of assorted black screws along with some zip ties with the chassis, as well as a magnetic dust filter and the required video pass-through cable for the built-in LCD. A manual, which turned out to be pretty useful, is also part of the box.
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