Ikko OH10 In-Ear Monitors Review - Punches above Its Weight Class 5

Ikko OH10 In-Ear Monitors Review - Punches above Its Weight Class

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Packaging and Accessories

My original plan with the Ikko OH10 was a quick look article, but that changed the further I moved through the unboxing experience. Turns out the easiest way to get me to cover things in detail is to have a cool art design or build! Packaging for the Ikko OH10 comes in a plastic seal that is easily removed, and we get to an artistic front that has little to do with the actual product. I suppose if I had to stretch it, I could see how obsidian glass can shine similar to meters and shooting stars. The company logo of a fox also makes an appearance, and the packaging suggests that perhaps the OH10 had originally only been called "Obsidian." The "Hybird" typo aside, we also see salient marketing features listed. This continues on the back in multiple languages and with contact information for the company. The side reveals a two-piece packaging, with the outer sleeve what we have seen thus far.

Removing the outer sleeve requires opening the side flaps on top, and even so, the inner box is quite snug inside and takes a push through either direction. Once done, we see a more substantial box that has a textured finish in black and gold lettering for the logo as well as perhaps an impression of a stamp on the side.

The inner box unfurls to reveal multi-layered packaging inside, and it would have been nice to see magnets to keep the clasp closed and comply with the premium unboxing experience thus far. Plenty of Ikko logos here, including the fox lest you forget who made these. First up, we see a customer service card inside a black envelope, and some more instances of mediocre English, which thankfully does not become a dealbreaker by any means. Underneath, we start getting into the real meat of the components, and there is a lot to see, too!

The two monitor earbuds are placed into cutouts in thick foam, and in the middle is a gold and black Ikko pin. It has the same fox design from before—I am not exactly sure how it applies to the company, but it is a neat thing even though it was immediately put back into the foam packaging to never be taken out again.

A cutout at the bottom of the foam piece is used to remove it and get to the leather case at the bottom. It was at this point that I realized that the unboxing experience has been updated from earlier reviews I had seen before, which had a different orientation and layout for the various included items, but also a tanned leather parchment and velvety carrying case with a button. Ikko seems to have combined these with the newer packaging, which I am glad for since we now get a functional, but fairly unique carry case. It is still made out of tanned leather with stitching on the edges and the Ikko logo etched into the front. There is a leather strap that goes around in the middle to keep it closed, and it goes through the leather and is knotted to keep it tied at one end. Opening the case, we see ample room for the earbuds and packed-in cable. Akin to the parchment from before, Ikko has the instructions for the OH10 engraved into the leather. This is definitely a new way of doing it, and a case of form over function. There is not much to see here except that the red earbud goes on the right and how the earbuds and cable are placed on your ears.

Underneath the case is another compartment with a cardboard box, this time housing the ear tips. These are all made out of silicone rubber, and it would have been nice to see some foam tips as well. There are two sets of tips in slightly different bore sizes, with a black or translucent exterior to distinguish the sets. In each set, we get tips in sizes S, M, and L, and all of these come inside another piece of thick foam with holes that fit these exactly.
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