Impactics C3LH & K.I.S.S.S. passive HTPC Review 10

Impactics C3LH & K.I.S.S.S. passive HTPC Review



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I would like to thank for supplying the review sample.

CaseKing is one of the few companies out there, which will not just sell anything. They only offer hardware that performs well and is of high quality. The shop offers quite a few exclusive parts and devices from all around the world and it is also the official distributor for a long list of well known manufacturers. Their assortment has grown greatly in recent years, while great service and support is still a very important part of the shop philosophy. The website may be in German, but due to great demand, an English version is in the works. We received continous support from CaseKing and they were kind enough to offer the entire Impactics K.I.S.S.S. (Keep it simple, smart and silent) system for review.

The chassis - simply called C3LH-B for black and C3LH-S for silver is actually an OEM case which they have improved upon. Impactics has taken the bare enclosure and created its own passive cooling solution along with a different - higher quality power supply. Thus we are taking a look at the entire system instead of just the chassis. Since Impactics and Caseking have supplied us with a pre-assembled system, we have taken it apart completely, to give you the proper perspective as a potential buyer.

C3LH Enclosure
  • Maximum TDP of 35W at 50° (TDP can be higher at lower temperatures)
  • Size without feet: 26 cm (W) x 24 cm (D) x 8 cm (H)
  • Size with feet: 26 cm (W) x 24 cm (D) x 8.8 cm (H)
  • Bare weight: 2.68 kg
  • Expansion bays: 1x internal 2.5 inch & 1x slim-line external drive bay
  • Form factor: mini-ITX
K.I.S.S.S Coolset ZO-2
  • 1x Copper cooling unit with steel plate for CPU
  • 1x Aluminum cooling block with steel plate for chipset
  • 4x heatpipes (already bent into shape)
  • 1x Copper profile long
  • 1x Copper profile short
  • 1x Aluminum profile short
PSU 84-130 & DC-DC Converter
  • PSU Brick with 84W
  • Peak power: 130 Watt (Limited to 84W by power brick)
  • Efficiency: >=88% at full load
  • +3,3V: 7 A
  • +5V: 7 A
  • +12V: 6 A
  • -12V: 0,1 A
  • +5Vsb: 1,5 A
As you can see above, to have an entire K.I.S.S.S system, you require the above kits at most. The only more efficient variant is using a mainboard which already features an onboard DC-DC converter and thus do not require the separate PSU84-130 kit.


Impactics ships the chassis in a sturdy cardboard box with huge foam spacers. So even with the system filled to the rim, you can rest assured that nothing could happen to the unit, even when dropped during transportation. A large company logo has been printed on the box itself.

A Closer Look - Outside

As we have received a fully assembled unit, let us take at the outside in its finished state first. The chassis has been sourced from Cooler Master, who offers it as an OEM solution, but Impactics has improved the internal layout to hold the new converter PCB and added feet to the chassis, so that it may be used in a home setting. Instead of using the cooling solution and power converter usually found within the OEM variant, Impactics has developed their own cooling system and has taken a quality converter from FSP. From a quality standpoint, the C3LH chassis makes a very good impression. It utilizes solid aluminum fins along with a thick aluminum front and a metal frame. You may also mount it unto a flat surface with traditional wall screws by using four little metal clips.

The front has no connectivity for USB a card reader. While this is excellent for industrial environments, as those would be considered weak spots, it would have been nice for home use. Turning the chassis around we have clear access to everything the mainboard has to offer. A separate power connector has been placed on the left side. It is a special connector which allows you to screw down the power plug, so that it cannot come loose during operation. This is another little feature aimed at industrial users.

All sides of the unit are completely solid with no air vents. While this encapsulates any noise from the hard drive for example, it is not sufficient for every industrial use, as there are plenty of cracks in which dust, dirt and the likes could enter the chassis. In other words, the case is not sealed tight everywhere.
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