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In Win H-Frame Review

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In Win is known for presenting cases that are a bit out of this world and the H-Frame is by far the - and I mean this in an absolutely positive way - craziest case I have seen from them. The company calls this type an "Open-Air Chassis", and the H-Frame is essentially made of aluminum sheets of varying thickness screwed together with spacers to create the chassis.

Taking a look at the front and rear, it becomes obvious why this is an "open air" chassis. There is nothing between the aluminum plates to keep you from poking your finger inside. Air can freely pass through the chassis. Both side panels are made of brushed, silver aluminum and have no openings to speak of, while the larger and thicker aluminum plates, right behind each of these panels, have been anodized in a cool blue color.

You will find two USB 3.0 plugs and a pair of audio connectivity plugs at the front, with an additional USB 2.0 port embedded into the top of the chassis. This is a pretty nice touch, since you can easily connect whatever you want on top, even with the chassis under your desk. In the front, you can also see the frame for a 120 mm fan at mid-height.

In Win has refrained from printing their logo anywhere, which is, in my opinion, a good move. Instead, you will find the company brand on the left side-panel and the blue anodized aluminum plate below it. Both of these look pretty spiffy and do not disturb the overall look of the H-Frame.

Turning our focus to the rear, the PSU bay can be found on the bottom of the H-Frame. It only allows for the unit to be installed facing in one direction, which is really no issue due to the open design of the chassis. Above that are seven motherboard expansion slots, each individually protected by an aluminum cover. The very top holds another frame for a 120 mm fan. As you can see, In Win has chosen not to include any fans. Once again, this is no big issue as the case is so open anyways.

Four yellow rubber feet have been clipped on the thick, blue plates, adding a third color to the mix. Overall, the choice of tints goes with the design of the X-Frame test bench, which In Win showed off before.
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