Intel Core i3-8350K 4.0 GHz Review 36

Intel Core i3-8350K 4.0 GHz Review

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Overclocking the Core i3-8350K is relatively easy due to its unlocked multiplier. All you have to do is set the desired multiplier in the BIOS and you're good to go.

Our CPU reached 4.5 GHz easily with just a small +30 mV voltage increase. Setting 5 GHz worked; the system would always POST and start loading Windows, but did bluescreen a few seconds later. The curious thing is that this behavior was exactly the same for all frequencies between 4.6 GHz and 5.1 GHz. Increasing the voltage had no effect (I went up to 1.5 V). Next, I slapped on a 240 mm AIO, which increased stable clocks to around 4.6/4.7 GHz, but getting 5 GHz stable was just impossible. Guess my CPU lost the silicon lottery.
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