Intel Core i9-11900K Review - World's Fastest Gaming Processor? 305

Intel Core i9-11900K Review - World's Fastest Gaming Processor?

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Game Development — Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is one of the leading multi-platform game engines in the industry. Not only advanced, it also has lots of features to help you get results quicker than with competing products—time is money. Before a game is shipped, the lengthy process of "light baking" has to be executed. It takes all static geometry and fixed light sources in the scene and precalculates lightmap textures for them, which results in a tremendous performance speed boost of the final game because these calculations no longer have to be performed in real time on the user's system. For our benchmarks, we generate baked light maps for a relatively simple scene—baking light usually takes several hours.

Software Development — Visual Studio C++

Microsoft Visual C++ is probably the most popular programming language for creating professional Windows applications. It's part of Microsoft's Visual Studio development suite, which has a long history and is widely accepted as the gold standard when it comes to IDEs. Compiling software is a relatively lengthy process that turns program code into the final executable, and programmers hate waiting for it to complete. We run a medium-sized application through the Visual Studio 2019 16.9 C++ compiler and linker, and use the resource compiler, too. The build is executed in "release" mode with all optimizations turned on and multi-processor compilation enabled.

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