Intel Core i9-12900KS Review - The Best Just Got Better 157

Intel Core i9-12900KS Review - The Best Just Got Better

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Web Browsing — Google Octane

Google Octane tests web browser performance by running a suite of Javascript-based tests that represent typical use cases in today's dynamic, interactive web applications.

Web Browsing — Mozilla Kraken

Mozilla Kraken is similar to Octane in that it measures the execution time of Javascript, but uses a different set of tests based on the SunSpider benchmark. Test cases include audio processing, search algorithms, image filtering, JSON parsing, and cryptography.

Web Browsing — WebXPRT

WebXPRT 3 is a browser benchmark that measures the performance of typical web applications, like photo enhancement, media management using AI, stock option pricing, encryption, OCR, charting, and productivity. This is in contrast to our other two browser benchmarks which focus more on microbenchmarks, testing specific algorithms.

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