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KnewKey Rocksete Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

KnewKey was in the midst of preparing retail samples of the Rocksete, and my review sample was not the final retail version because of timing. As such, I was told to be aware of the packaging not necessarily being reflective of the final model. The product box here is minimalist to say the least, with all white packaging and a large company logo on front. On the side is the JBL logo to let people know this keyboard includes a sound system from the JBL brand. Two double flaps on the side help keep contents inside in place. Opening the box, we see a lot of protective material, including foam, cardboard layers, and air bags galore.

A handwritten, personalized greeting card thanking me for covering the keyboard, and welcoming any critique and feedback, was immediately underneath the first set of air bags. I suspect it will be included with most pre-orders/crowd-funded backer sets, too. The other accessories come in a cardboard box that is packed in between the open space offered by the fairly unique design of the keyboard, and included is also a handy user manual that goes over the setup and controls for both the keyboard and the audio system. There is also a set of four metal screws and nuts to accompany the other three pieces of what KnewKey calls the flying stand, and connection cables as well.

The company includes a micro-USB to USB Type-A cable, which hints towards the use of micro-USB on the keyboard, as well as a DC power supply plug to USB adapter cable for, presumably, power to the audio setup. These cables are shorter than expected, meant to mostly be used to charge the internal batteries rather than be full-time connectivity solutions, especially for the audio system which connects via Bluetooth regardless. The shorter USB cable for the keyboard does make more sense here, however, as this keyboard is meant to be used with portable devices as opposed to a stationary desktop workstation. The flying stand, as they call it, includes a plastic base that is color coordinated to match the keyboard you have. This particular sample had a metallic gray finish thus, and the two feet have a shiny base with a sticky rubber bottom for more grip in use. This stand set is included for free with the first 500 orders on their website, but is otherwise an optional purchase for $39 ($19 at the time of this review).
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