Kolink Enclave Series 700 W Review 11

Kolink Enclave Series 700 W Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Kolink KL-G700FM retails for €79.90 including 19% VAT.
  • Delivered full power with 46.5 °C
  • Affordable
  • Good soldering quality (and many Infineon parts used)
  • Good performance per buck ratio
  • Support for Alternative Sleep Mode (able to turn on the system within 5 seconds)
  • Efficient with normal loads
  • Load regulation at +12V is within 1%
  • Long hold-up time
  • Efficient 5VSB rail
  • Sufficient number of PCIe and peripheral connectors
  • Full protection feature set (but some OCP triggering points are on the high side)
  • Transient response deviations at +12V should be within 1%
  • Ripple at +12V is on the high side
  • Load regulation on the minor rails is not very tight
  • Light load efficiency
  • High OCP triggering points on the minor rails
  • Registered inrush current with 230 V could be lower
  • Single EPS can cause compatibility problems
  • No AC power cord included (or other accessories along with a user's manual)
  • I am not fond of the Teapo SC caps
  • Not sure about the cooling fan's quality
  • Short distance between peripheral connectors
I am extra picky when it comes to PSUs, mostly because I conduct a lot of tests, which has me find things other reviewers probably don't. This is why the list of cons for this PSU is quite long. However, given its affordable price tag, the Kolink KL-G700FM is a good power supply because it comes with all the necessary protection features, has decent overall performance, and is efficient with normal loads. The cherry on top is the compatibility with timings the ATX spec will require starting in 2020, which also means it supports Alternative Sleep mode capable of reliably taking the system out of sleep mode within five seconds.

The only thing that prevents the KL-G700FM from being fully ATX 2.52 compatible is that that its efficiency is below 70% with 2% of its maximum-rated-capacity load, which can only be remedied by using a particular resonant controller that exploits the LLC burst mode operation to improve efficiency at ultra-light loads.

For €80 (including 19% VAT), you get a PSU that is strong enough to support a potent gaming system. Only having one EPS connector can cause compatibility issues if you plan on using a high-end mainboard along with a power-hungry CPU, however. Unfortunately, there is nothing but to choose a different power supply with two EPS connectors if so. Never should you use adapters for the second EPS connector on the motherboard. There is also no power cord and user's manual included, or any other accessory, in an effort to lower the overall cost. About the power cord, this is not a problem for German consumers since you can order one for a mere euro from Caseking. The KL-G700FM has a high performance per buck ratio, which is also why I am giving it our Budget award.
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