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Kossart h50 Headset Review

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The Package

The package that the h50 arrived in is really colorful compared to what I'm used to. One of the aspects that Kossart puts much emphasis on is the fact that the headset is ergonomic and thus comfortable to wear. Just by looking at the package it becomes clear that this headset means business. The only points that Kossart tries to promote with this headset is its sound and ergonomics which also becomes very apparent once you see the headset.

On the back of the package all of the specifications for the headset are listed. I think that a little slip up occurred when making the packing for the product because the impedance rating listed on the back of the package doesn't match the one they listed on their web page.

Besides the headset you also get a black imitated leather bag which is very suiting for this no nonsense headset.

Closer Examination

The first thing you notice when you get this headset out of its box is that it's very bulky. Everything is made of a thick kind of plastic and all of the joints are rock solid. The bulky appearance is also what makes it so heavy, weighing in at 410 grams this headset is definitely a heavy weighter. Besides looking bulky this headset is actually physically larger than most others on the market. I have a fairly large head and this headset fits me even without the size adjusters pulled out. With the headset on my head there is still room for it to move around.

Even though the h50 fits me with the size adjusters at minimum length it can extend to almost the double of the original size. I think it's safe to say that no head is too big for the h50.

The microphone on the Kossart h50 is placed on a relatively long bendable plastic spiral. The microphone itself is of the omni directional type with a foam piece around to block out some unwanted sounds like air turbulence around the microphone. Because the microphone boom is so long it's easy to adjust so that you get optimal reception without the microphone being in the way.

The shape of the cans is very old school since they are completely round with a minimal amount of details on them. The only flashy item on them is a small chrome band. The joints that fixe the cans to the headband are mounted in a symmetrical fashion allowing for a natural fit. Another thing that affects comfort in a positive way on the h50 is the fact that the ear phones are so large that they completely cover your ears and don't sit on your ear like many small headsets, i.e. Sennheiser PC150/160. The only aspect of the ear cans' design that affects comfort in a very negative way is the fact that there are no vents on the side. This means that your ears will gradually heat up while gaming which is pretty uncomfortable in longer gaming sessions.

The ear pads on the h50 are very thick and covered with black velvet. This allows for a comfy fit and feel while using the headset. The material used in the pads is very soft which is both a good and a bad thing. The bad is of course that they are more likely to break over time and the good is that they make the headset more comfortable to wear.

One of the things that surprised me a bit is just how thorough the twistable joints on the Kossart h50s are constructed. The fact that they are bulky and screwed together makes them very durable. The thickness of the plastic also helps to make the h50s so incredibly durable. I can't imagine how one could break them during normal use.

The most likely thing to break first during normal use are the hinges where the ear cups are fixed to the headband. The construction on the h50 is one of the most heavy duty constructions I have ever seen on a headset.

It's obvious that the h50 was designed with durability in mind. Even the cord assembly is solid and can stand a fair amount of abuse before bending.

The headband itself is covered in imitated leather which looks nice from a distance and feels quite comfortable to wear. On the top of the headband Kossart has placed a logo.
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