Lian Li O11 AIR MINI Review 18

Lian Li O11 AIR MINI Review

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Lian Li ships the O11 Air Mini in a sturdy, brown cardboard box with an image of the chassis on front, which also mentions the modularity of the enclosure on the opposite side. Both sides are bare and identical for all but a sticker on one to tell you which color is within.

Two Styrofoam spacers hold the case in place, with a plastic bag protecting it from fingerprints during handling at the factory.


Inside the package, you will find all the usual screws and some zip ties. There is one cover for the rear of the case, which is needed when opting for an mATX layout in the O11 Air Mini. The Original O11 Dynamic shipped with mounting plates for DIY liquid cooling, and there is no longer a second cover strip, so the ITX setup with all the cooling in the ceiling is not an option in the O11 Air Mini, either. None of these are dealbreakers because Lian Li has accounted for most of these with some tooling changes within the chassis itself.

On top of that, Lian Li shipped us an optional accessory, the RB-001, which includes extra brackets for offset radiators for even more motherboard compatibility. This could be useful for extreme builds, and we will use them during our build as well.
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