Lian Li Q58 Review 2

Lian Li Q58 Review

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The Lian Li Q58 ships in a simple brown cardboard box with two images of the enclosure on the bigger panels and some generic information on the smaller ones. A sticker lets you know which version is inside the package.

Two Styrofoam spacers hold both the case and accessories box in place, which is why the brown cardboard package is considerably bigger than the Lian Li Q58 itself.


Inside that box, you will find several Velcro straps, a few zip ties, bag of black screws, two replacement clips for the panels and two white metal mesh dust filters. In addition to these, Lian Li has included an alternate top bracket for a full-size ATX PSU at the cost of cooling, only allowing for a 120/140 mm AIO due to the PSU taking up more space. Included is also a pretty detailed manual to take you through the assembly process.
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