Logitech G305 Review 9

Logitech G305 Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Logitech G305 is available for $59.99.
  • Great sensor
  • Main buttons and scroll wheel feel nice and crisp
  • Exceptional Lightspeed wireless technology
  • Safe, widely usable shape
  • Up to 250 hours of battery life
  • Excellent build quality
  • Great software
  • Main switches only rated for 10 million clicks
  • Side buttons have a lot of travel
  • Mouse feet could be better
  • Heavy and sluggish with the default battery
This mouse is basically the third to use the shell of the original G Pro, but this time around, it came in a wireless version. The G305 is a mouse I would use without hesitation if only it would suit my hands a bit better. The shell has convex side curves, which are generally not very good if you pick your mice up a lot during your gaming sessions. Many people have not and will not find this to be an issue, of course.

The sensor is effectively the same as the one used in the G PRO Wireless, which means it's pretty much flawless. It's a top-of-the-line optical sensor with zero smoothing or unwanted acceleration. It also consumes very little power, making battery life way better than with the average wireless gaming mice of this level. Logitech's Lightspeed wireless technology is also insanely good since input lag is pretty much negligible as it is below 1 ms. This, and the combination of the HERO sensor, means the G305 is as usable for top-level eSport gaming as any other high-end mouse in the market.

The build quality is fantastic as there isn't a single thing I could nitpick on. No creaks or squeaks whatsoever, everything is aligned nicely. As for the mouse feet, they could be better. They are nice and smooth, but have quite a lot of friction, which doesn't seem to get better when they break in. I would love to see Logitech use some pure PTFE feet of high quality in the near future.

As for the buttons, the main ones are nice, crisp and tactile—they simply feel fantastic. However, they are on the loud side, and their switches are only rated for 10 million clicks. The scrolling and middle click are both absolutely great, but the side buttons are not the best as they have a lot of travel before actuation.

RGB or any sort of lighting isn't available on this mouse, which might be a letdown for some people, but it was sacrificed in order to maximize battery life. The driver for this mouse is Logitech Gaming Software, which is an excellent program, although it takes up a fair bit of storage space compared to others. It is, however, perfectly usable—very intuitive—and I encountered no bugs while using it.

The G305 is a very good mouse, but not at all perfect. I, for instance, don't see how a mouse with a price tag of nearly $60 can feature main switches with such a low nominal lifespan. The side buttons could also use some improvement, and I would like to see Logitech up their mouse-feet game. 99 grams for a mouse this small is, again, way too much, but thankfully, there is an easy solution as you can simply use a lithium battery, which would also kick up battery life a notch. Apart from these faults, the mouse is truly great and comes with a 2-year warranty. I would gladly recommend it to anyone who finds the shape suitable for the size of their hands and grip style.
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