Logitech PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 41

Logitech PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • The Logitech PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse is available for $149.99.
  • Top-of-the-line sensor
  • Fantastic buttons
  • Main button switches rated for 50 million clicks
  • Exceptional wireless technology
  • Safe, widely usable shape
  • Very light for a wireless mouse
  • Mouse feet should be better
  • Very expensive
Frankly, the Logitech PRO Wireless completely blew me away—even when I put on my extra nitpicky face. This is truly one of the best mice out there, but inside the low-weight wireless category I can safely say that it's the absolute banger. However, there's a high price to pay for all of this, and I mean that in the most literal fashion. It comes in at a staggering $149.99, which many people will find absolutely ridiculous, and I cannot blame them. However, this mouse has already won some tournaments for professional eSports players before its initial release. It is built for professional use with the cooperation of professional users. If we put that vast amount of prize money such a tournament can bring to the table on a scale, the $149.99 isn't too much anymore.

The shape is quite simple, yet satisfying. Logitech didn't overdesign this mouse at all, which makes it such a perfect choice for many people out there looking for a similar shell design. Anyone who enjoyed mice like the Zowie FK series, or the SteelSeries Sensei and its newer clones, or even classics like the Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical, may love this one as well, and since it's fully ambidextrous, left-handed users may find it an optimal choice too.

As for the sensor, Logitech's HERO is heroic indeed. No malfunctions whatsoever, very raw, and responsive, it provides perfect tracking and does so while keeping power consumption low. No wonder the mouse can last this long with only a 240 mAh battery. If you want to maximize battery life, simply lower the report rate of the mouse and turn off the lighting, which would net you more than 110 hours of use without charging. With lights on and a 1000 Hz polling, you can expect about 48 hours from the battery.

The main buttons use Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks; they have no unnecessary travel to them, are nice, tactile, and very much spammable. The side buttons feature a pretty unique modular design, which gives you the option to choose between a left or right-handed design (you can leave them all up or remove every one of them as well).

Moving on to the mouse feet, we have arrived at that one particular aspect that could have been done a lot better. They are rather smooth and the glide is even, but the friction just feels too high, and as far as I am concerned, these are not full PTFE. This is quite a pity, and I think for a mouse that costs this much, a better set of feet could have been used—not to mention that there is no extra set in the box, so once you wear these out, you have to get aftermarket ones.

RGB lighting cannot miss in a gaming mouse in 2018, and, the PRO has some as well. The eye-candy factor is limited to three effects and one zone only, but it still looks nice—transitions are nice and smooth, colors are vivid, and the lighting is bright.

The main competitors of this mouse on the wireless front are probably Logitech's other Lightspeed mice, such as the G403, G603, G703, G903, and G305. However, both shape and weight of those are vastly different. The G305 is close in size and can get close in weight, but overall, the PRO still feels drastically different and has better components. With an MSRP of $149.99, there are surely many other mice to choose from, but as of right now, the PRO is exceptional and completely unmatched. I would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants the highest-possible performance and finds the shape comfortable. I really do hope that many other companies will join Logitech in the top-level eSports-grade wireless mouse market very soon as they are pretty much monopolizing it right now.
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