Mionix AVIOR 8200 Review 0

Mionix AVIOR 8200 Review


Mionix made a name for itself with the NAOS design which was first launched in 2010. A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of reviewing the revamped NAOS featuring Avago's latest and greatest sensor technology and will now take a good and hard look at Mionix's first ambidextrous high-end gaming mouse. It is dubbed the AVIOR and features the same Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor as the NAOS 8200.

The similarities under the hood are many, but grip and ergonomics have been altered a lot. The AVIOR works for both right- and left-handed people and is meant to be used with a palm-type grip.

The newest Mionix mouse costs $89, which is as much as the NAOS.


  • 32bit ARM processor 72mhz
  • Ambidextrous design, palm or claw grip
  • Grip-friendly rubber coating
  • 9 fully programmable buttons
  • 3 step in-game DPI adjustment
  • 2 integrated LEDs in 2 color zones
  • Up to 16.8 Million LED color options
  • Lighting effects: color shift, solid, blinking, pulsating, and breathing
  • 128 kb built-in memory
  • Large PTFE mouse feet
  • Gold-plated, full-speed USB 2.0 connection with plug and play
  • 2m long braided cable
  • 8200 DPI gaming laser sensor
  • Maximum tracking speed: 3.8 m/sec (150 ips)
  • Maximum acceleration: 30g
  • Data format: 16-bit for both sensor and USB
  • Adjustable to 1ms response time
  • Up to 12000 fps
  • 10.8 megapixel per second image-processing power

The Package

Mionix is sticking to their new minimalistic box, which a lot of companies should adopt. It is a simple box that protects the mouse and gives you the opportunity to look at its shape.

The bundle consists of a short guide and sticker. You have to go online to get the mouse driver, which also ensures you get its latest version.

Mionix's new cable solution looks quite sleek and performs alright for a sleeved cable.

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