Montech Sky One ARGB Review - A Functional, Fine Mesh Option 4

Montech Sky One ARGB Review - A Functional, Fine Mesh Option


Value and Conclusion

  • The Montech Sky One ARGB has an MSRP of US$94 excl. taxes.
  • Fine metal mesh front acts as a dust filter
  • Well-placed ARGB lighting element
  • Three removable 2.5" trays
  • Built-in, universal ARGB controller
  • Loads of hooks for zip ties for easy cable management
  • Functional GPU support bracket
  • White cable cover a nice touch
  • Clean, windowed side panel
  • Vertical GPU mount possible
  • Space for modern liquid-cooling setups
  • USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C I/O
  • Two retail-grade PWM fans included
  • Push-pin connections for ARGB in the front panel
  • Squeezing PSU in somewhat difficult as it is a tight fit
  • You will lose access to the 2.5" SSD on the shroud with vertical GPU mounting
  • Grommets on routing holes would be nice at this price point
  • More fans would have been a good additional selling point
  • You will have to remove the white cable cover for E-ATX boards
  • Price advantage compared to previous Montech cases is gone
The Montech Sky One ARGB chassis does something a few other brands have made quite the big deal of—namely, having a fine metal mesh front. With the Sky One ARGB, however, the company is aiming to provide a complete, well-rounded chassis, and one can argue that they have done so. But before we go any further, let us talk about price. Montech has always been very strong in regards to offering more for your money. The Air X clocked in at an $80 MSRP, and the Air 900 ARGB at a mere $65. Now, with the Sky One ARGB, you are looking at around $94, which puts it squarely in the vast sub-$100 case segment. In other words, pricing for this case is on par with the rest of the market.

This is by no means a bad thing, but simply one less and usually very easy and strong argument to cite when it comes to making a customer choose your product over that of an established brand. The Montech Sky One ARGB is the same gently shaped, useful metal-mesh airflow chassis we have come to expect from the big players, and with its USB-C IO, generic ARGB PCB, and simple yet functional internal layout, its feature set is very good. On top of that, the Sky One ARGB goes the extra mile with a useful, white cable cover that also sports a functional GPU support bracket right out of the box. Lastly, seeing a third 2.5" HDD plate on the metal shroud is another nice add-on usually missing from most other brands in this price segment. If there were another way for the Sky One ARGB to differentiate itself, it would have been the inclusion of more 120 mm fans in the front, or a PCB that includes a fan hub, for example.

All said and done, the Montech Sky One is a beautiful, solid, and functional PC case that manages to execute on everything it offers and does so well. It doesn't aim to re-invent the wheel internally, but manages to turn heads with the fine mesh and overall design.
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