Montech X3 Mesh Review 8

Montech X3 Mesh Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Montech X3 Mesh in black has an MSRP of US$70 excl. taxes.
  • Six fans out of the box—three of them 140 mm
  • Clean window
  • Can easily hold a 240 mm AIO in ceiling, even push/pull
  • LED on/off switch built-in
  • Pre-wired fan cabling
  • Should be able to hold a 360 mm radiator in the front
  • Very good cooling with adequate silence under load
  • Simple, but functional HDD mounting
  • Good mix for hard-drive compatibility
  • Plenty of possibilities to secure cables for clean builds
  • Clear, clean, and hinged window panel with user-friendly pull tab
  • Feels solid enough for a case of this price point
  • Basic dust filters on all intake placements
  • Good CPU, GPU, and PSU clearances
  • Available in all-black or all-white
  • Chassis is very loud when idling as fans always run at full throttle
  • USB 2.0 needs to go
  • Calling the fans RGB is a stretch
  • I/O PCB exposed and a little fragile
  • Out-of-the-box Motherboard spacer setup can be improved
  • No zip ties or screw driver cap to place motherboard spacers easily
  • Our sample had a few blemishes
The Montech X3 Mesh clocks in at a solid mid-range price point while delivering quite a few unique elements. Besides the functional no-frills layout which results in a clean and tidy build, the chassis clearly means to stand apart by including six fans. On top of that, Montech went all out and made three of those 140 mm variants in the front of the chassis. They even include hub-mounted illumination, which is nice to look at, and if you do not like that multi-color or rainbow-like setting, you may turn it off with a press of a button.

Other elements on the outside, like the front mesh design and clean, hinged side-panel window with the cloth pull-tab, make the X3 Mesh an even more interesting bang for your buck. Everything for the most part comes together nicely even on the interior, which is where Montech needs to watch every cent spent on manufacturing.

That said, there are a few drawbacks. First and foremost, the fans all run at 12 V all the time, so you should prepare yourself with the thought of not having a silent system at idle. The upside of this setup is that during gaming sessions, the X3 Mesh clocks in right in the middle for noise while providing excellent cooling results.

Other, smaller issues are the dual USB 2.0 ports which nobody genuinely needs or wants anymore, and the fact that the default motherboard layout is set up for mATX without the little bits needed to switch it around easily. On top of that, you won't find basic extras like zip ties or removable covers for your expansion slots, either. Yet it manages to surprise with its ability to easily house a top-mounted, 240 mm AIO, even in a push/pull configuration, all while leaving enough room for a 360 mm radiator in the front as well.

This is all simply due to the fact that Montech had to be as efficient as possible to provide the price point, which makes the Montech X3 Mesh unique enough for anyone with that $70 budget to consider as long as you are aware that the fans spin at full throttle, so idling your system will not translate into silence, which is a price you pay for the lower cost of entry so to speak. On that thought though, it would be incredibly interesting to see what an X3 Mesh Lite variant with fewer, basic, non-LED 3-pin fans could sell for.
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