MP4Nation Brainwavz Delta In-ears Review 0

MP4Nation Brainwavz Delta In-ears Review

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The Package

MP4Nation is expanding the Brainwavz brand, and their bundle and packaging seems to improve drastically with every new release. The new Deltas ship in a good-looking little box full of good extras.

The bundle for the Deltas is a bit limited as these are budget in-ears, but you do get four sets of tips. The quality of the silicone tips is on par with what comes with HiFiMAN in-ears.

Closer Examination

Design-wise, the new Deltas are extremely hard to fault. The casing is out of aluminum and the color combination is stylish and non-obtrusive. One of the things that surprised me is how well they are put together, the split-line and general build quality much better than what I am used to on a set of $22.50 in-ears.

On the back of these in-ears is a small red Brainwavz logo.

Since the Deltas use the standard mounting system for tips, you have a lot of options beyond the silicone and Comply foam tips Brainwavz supplies to customize the sound.


One of the things many headphone manufacturers struggle to get right is the cable and jack solution. MP4Nation nails that part of the Delta's design. Not only is the cable really flexible and handles microphonics well, it is also durable and features a well-designed y-split and angled jack.

The tip selection is quite good. You get three differently sized silicone tips and a set of Comply S-series foam tips.
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