MSI GE72VR Apache Pro (GTX 1060) Review 23

MSI GE72VR Apache Pro (GTX 1060) Review

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Packaging and Contents

The box the MSI GE72VR laptop ships in is pretty standard-fare. It offers decent protection and is covered in a great deal of information and marketing speak. The front comes with a nice bold red MSI dragon and a prominently displayed VR ready logo. However, flip it over and the back lists a laundry list of features. First and foremost is the NVME PCI-E SSD, which utilizes the M.2 form factor. Another big selling point is the 120Hz display which quite the surprise. Other features, like DDR4, are due to Intel's Skylake processor and HM170 chipset. Depending on the user, these other features might add some value. The Nahimic audio enhancer is an interesting addition, but is all software-based. The Steel Series backlit keyboard may prove interesting, but does not appear to be that different from a traditional laptop keyboard, other than with its flashy lights. The inclusion of USB 3.0 Type C is nice, but more impressive is the inclusion of Cooler Boost. While I find the name gimmicky, a one-click button to improve cooling performance is definitely appreciated.

With the box open, users will find the laptop inside a black cloth bag that covers a plastic bag with the purpose of keeping the unit free of dust. User guides, warranty leaflet, charger, and power cable are on top or beside the laptop, inside smaller cardboard chambers. The bundle is rather bare, but that's to be expected. After all, what more do users really need other than the laptop and charger?

With the seal broken and all included items removed, users will find that only what is absolutely necessary has been bundled with the Apache Pro GE72VR laptop, which is fine.
  • Laptop
  • User guides
  • Warranty info
  • Support contact info
  • Battery charger
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