MSI GTX 960 Gaming OC 2 GB Review 17

MSI GTX 960 Gaming OC 2 GB Review

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GRID 2 is a racing game developed by Codemasters. Featuring prominent real-world locations like Paris, Chicago, and Dubai, there is also a wide selection of cars. These range from muscle cars to luxury supercars, like the McLaren F1. In-game, you will experience a mix of arcade and simulation paired with stunning graphics and flashbacks to get you back on the road quickly.

GRID 2 is the first Codemasters game that uses the new EGO 3.0 engine. It has full support for DirectX 11, Global Illumination (using DirectCompute), and other great visual effects. We played on the highest settings available. The game also includes a separate binary (which we used) with support for the AVX instruction set found on modern CPUs.

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