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MSI MEG X570 ACE Review

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The front of the MEG X570 ACE box features a dark background with a print of shattering glass, as well as a shot of the board. "MEG X570 ACE" is on the right side, just above a large AMD X570 brand badge. "MSI" features in the top left and "Lightning Gen4" in the top right. There is more AMD badging in the bottom left.

The back of the box is exactly what I look for in motherboard packaging. There is a shot of the board in the center, with a rear I/O diagram just below it and a spec sheet below that. On either side of the board are highlights for standout features, such as the 2.5 Gb/s LAN.

Opening the box, the board sits encased in an anti-static bag, inside a cardboard tray. The accessories are stored below the tray.

The accessories are mostly standard-fare, but with some nice additions, like an MSI-branded cloth bag and SATA cable labels. Notably absent is any kind of rear I/O shield because the shield is integrated into the board. I am very happy with how often I have been seeing this feature lately, and props to MSI for incorporating it into the MEG X570 ACE.

The full list of accessories includes:
  • Manual and support DVD
  • Product registration card
  • Cloth carry bag
  • Product catalog and giveaway registration card
  • 4x SATA 6 Gb/s cables
  • 4x LED extension cable
  • 2x M.2 mounting screws
  • Case badge
  • SATA cable labels
  • Product registration card
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