MSI R9 280X GAMING 3 GB Review 124

MSI R9 280X GAMING 3 GB Review

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Temperatures during gaming are kind of high. We measured these temperatures with an actual game, not a stress test. The card will not go beyond 80°C when a stress test (not even Furmark) is used, because it throttles as the voltage regulator circuitry gets too hot.

Clock Profiles

Modern graphics cards have several clock profiles that are selected to balance power draw and performance requirements.

The following table lists the clock settings for important performance scenarios and the GPU voltage we measured. We performed the measurements on the pins of a coil or a capacitor near the GPU voltage regulator.

GPU Voltage
Desktop300 MHz150 MHz0.85 V
Multi-Monitor500 MHz1500 MHz0.95 V
Blu-ray Playback501 MHz1500 MHz0.95 V
3D Load1050 MHz1500 MHz1.08 V

CCC Overdrive Limits
Core1500 MHz
Memory2000 MHz
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