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MSI Vigor GK60 Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

This is the first time I have taken a detailed look at an MSI keyboard, so I do not know if the packaging layout is shared with others in the lineup. The packaging for the Vigor GK60 has a plastic wrap on it, which more and more companies are doing and I encourage everyone not do, and the box itself is cardboard with a wrap over it for aesthetics. We see a fairly clean packaging with a white and red color scheme. On the front is the company and product name along with a large render of the keyboard itself, and more illustrations on the back are accompanied by marketing features and technical specs. This continues on the sides as well, which ensures you know this keyboard uses genuine Cherry MX Red mechanical switches.

Two double flaps help keep the contents inside in place during transit. Opening the box, we see the keyboard itself in another plastic wrap, with the attached keyboard cable tucked away in a compartment at the top. There are two pieces of thick foam on the sides to add protection to the keyboard, and with the keyboard taken out, we see the provided accessories underneath and in compartments of their own in the corners at the top.

MSI includes a multi-language manual (online copy in the support tab on the product page), useful for when you want to figure out all the pre-programmed functionality on the keyboard. In addition, we get a plastic ring-style keycap puller and a set of four replacement keycaps. I would have liked a metal wire-style puller instead to reduce the potential of scratching the sides of keycaps when used, but can definitely understand the inclusion of the less expensive ring puller in this relatively budget friendly keyboard. The replacement keycaps are typical stock keycaps with thin ABS plastic and laser-etched legends on the W/A/S/D keycaps, to be used if you do not wish to use the metal keycaps on the keyboard itself.
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