Netgear ProSAFE Click 16-Port Ethernet Switch Review 7

Netgear ProSAFE Click 16-Port Ethernet Switch Review

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The switch comes in a small box that looks sturdy enough to protect it. At its front is a photo of the switch and near the top-right corner are three icons for the lifetime warranty and technical support Netgear provides with this product.

The most interesting part on the back of the box is the explanation of the mounting system, which allows the switch to easily be installed in places where regularly sized 16-port switches would not fit.

A table on this side describes the primary differences between the GSS116E and GSS108E. Besides fewer ports, the GSS108E also lacks a metal enclosure and doesn't support Link Aggregation where the GSS116E supports static LAG. However, the GSS108E features two USB charging ports which the GSS116E doesn't have.

Contents & Bundle

The contents of the box are protected well enough.

The bundle includes the mounting system, the AC power cord (Netgear sent us two, one with a US plug and one with an EU plug) and a set of Velcro straps. There is also an installation guide and a software disc.

Some photos of the mounting mechanism, which, as has already been mentioned, greatly enhances the switch's usability.
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