Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound Review 7

Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Compound Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • MSRP for the Noctua NT-H1 is EUR 7.99 / USD 8.99.
  • Great performance
  • No burn-in time
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean up
  • Long storage time
  • Long usage time
  • Great for sub-zero cooling
  • Too new to verify long-term usage
  • Currently more expensive than Arctic Silver 5
The Noctua NT-H1 thermal compound was a pleasure to work with. It was easy to apply and the performance was great right from the start. No burn-in time was needed with the NT-H1, unlike Arctic Silver products. The storage and usage time look great, but since this is a new product, there has not been enough time to verify the manufacturer's claims. The NT-H1 has an MSRP about the same as what other companies' products are listed at, and they will provide about the same number of applications per syringe. Right now I have found one store in the US ( that is selling the NT-H1, but it is listed at $8.99. Hopefully as it becomes more available, the price will fall to closer to what Arctic Silver 5 sells for.

If you are in the market for some new thermal compound, I suggest checking some Noctua Nt-H1 thermal interface material out for yourselves.
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