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NZXT H1 Review

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NZXT ships the H1 in a full color cardboard box with images of the chassis on both white panels, while the purple panels for the most part dive into the specifications and features, but also include separate pictures.

The H1 is inside two foam halves that essentially engulfe the whole chassis. A clear plastic bag also protects the case from fingerprints and scratches.


You will find a single bag with a mere four screws within the package, as well as a few zip ties, audio jack splitter, and motherboard header splitter cables. A small metal plate has also been included, but I could not figure out what it is for, with the manual in the shape of a large folded sheet making no mention of it. As the chassis comes with a pre-installed SFX PSU, the NZXT H1 also ships with a 1.5 meter long power cable.

To mount the included 140 mm AIO liquid cooler, a bag of bits and pieces and a backplate for both AMD and Intel setups are included. An AMD retention bracket ships alongside the already pre-installed Intel one.
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