NZXT H210i Review 6

NZXT H210i Review

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NZXT ships the H210i in a full-color box, which is becoming increasingly rare these days. They are aiming to stand out of the mostly brown and black competition in some stores that tend to put out whole pallets of product for people to grab and go. On the bigger panels, you can see images of the chassis itself, while both smaller sides list unique features as well as specifications.

Two thick Styrofoam spacers hold the chassis in place, and a plastic bag protects the enclosure from fingerprints and scratches during packing at the factory.


NZXT includes a full set of black screws alongside an ample number of zip ties. You will additionally find a splitter cable for the combo audio port, an adapter to separate the solid case connectors in case your motherboard needs it, and a little knob that goes between the metal shroud and your GPU as structural support. Last but not least, there is a detailed manual, which will help with assembly.
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