Origin PC EON17-X 30-Series Edition Review 6

Origin PC EON17-X 30-Series Edition Review

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Packaging and Contents

If you haven't experienced Origin PC packaging before, it's some serious stuff. That's a real wooden crate, and it's not for show; you pay extra for this shipping option. Inside, you find a more standard cardboard box that has all sorts of goodness inside.

The first thing you find up top is your laptop sleeve, under which are the accessories and T-shirt.

Pull out the tray and we find a mouse pad, and under that is the EON17-X peeking out from behind some thick foam supports.

I really appreciate this foam cradle. It fits the laptop snugly and really makes the shipping materials feel worth it. Everything packed into that wood crate makes for a fairly heavy mass on your doorstep, and it makes an equally heavy impression, so each little bit of it counts.

A plastic sleeve over the lid keeps that scratch-free. Opening the lid, we find a sheet to keep the keys fresh, which explains the keyboard shortcuts and output jacks.

The small black accessories box contains paper manuals, a driver disc, M.2 mounting screws, and thermal pads, along with a small cleaning cloth for the keyboard deck.

The included T-shirt and sleeve are nice touches; an easy way to show you are part of the exclusive Origin PC club.

The mouse pad is really nice; thick and with a woven edge to prevent fraying and splitting. There's is kind of a theme going on here, and I kind of like it? Here's a list of everything I found with my EON17-X:
  • Laptop
  • User guide
  • Battery charger and cable
  • Battery charger and cable
  • M.2 standoffs and pads
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Driver disc
  • T-shirt
  • Mouse pad
  • Laptop sleeve

The included adapter that comes with the Origin PC EON17-X is a 280 W unit from Chicony. It outputs 20 V.

There are two included power supplies. A plastic cage is included so you can stack them, and they still get ample airflow.

The bracket is a nice touch, but a must really, just to simplify things that little bit should you need to carry the EON17-X around to move from one location to the next. Stacking makes cable management a bit better, too.
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