Originative SABER68 Keyboard Review 11

Originative SABER68 Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Originative Co. operates a web store in the USA and thus, we begin with a look at their shipping packaging. The keyboard arrived in a well-sized box with over an inch of space on all sides and sheets of bubble wrap on those sides surrounding the product box itself. No complaints here!

The cardboard box is of a simple design - black with golden lettering for the product name. They also make sure you understand this is a project by the company and that the product was not developed by them originally. On the side is a label with checked boxes for the configuration you have, although its available options are not accurate to the choices actually available - missing some and listing a few that aren't available at all.

Open the box and there is a second cardboard box inside which houses the keyboard, and the only accessory provided is the detachable cable that comes in a compartment on top. This particular cable is insulated in plastic, is the usual 6' long, and ends in a male mini-USB connector on one end and a male Type-A USB connector on the other. Granted, it is easier to use a mini-USB connector over a micro-USB one in my opinion, but it is still rated for less connections, so it was weird to see it used. Then again, I do not anticipate anyone connecting or disconnecting this thousands of times either. USB 2.0 will suffice here since there really is not much to power on the keyboard itself.
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