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Ozone Oxygen Headset Review

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The Package

The bundle for the Ozone Oxygen is quite impressive. You get a carrying case and a TRRS to double TRS mini-jack adapter, a long extension cable, and three differently sized silicone tips.

The default termination for the Oxygen is a TRRS mini-jack, which makes it compatible with most phones and allows the use of a remote for skipping tracks, pausing music, and picking up calls.

Closer Examination

Ozone's designs have a track record for being special and the design of the Oxygens does no different. The red and black color scheme looks good, and the quality of the parts is alright, but the bulk of the material is very close to the ear, which can cause problems for people with smaller-than-average ears.

One of the things Ozone nailed with the Oxygen is the exit angle of the sound tube. It fits people with normal or slightly large ears well, which is great! The fit is easy to attain, which is something that is very hard to achieve with bigger-than-average earphones.

Remove a tip shows how hard it must have been to fit the 11mm Ø dynamic driver inside this earphone. The material quality is good throughout the headset, but the assembly does not seem that sturdy as yanking it out during use has the cable exit act as a long lever that puts a lot of force on the joint between it and the earpieces.

The cable and earpieces handle microphonics remarkably well, and the soft cable jacket absorbs a lot of rubbing noise. The microphone is integrated into the remote and works well for accepting calls, but the sound quality is not that great, especially if you are in an area with a lot of background noises.
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