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Palette Expert Kit Review

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Packaging and Accessories

Palette ships the Expert kit in a two-piece cardboard box with the front in a red color and an illustration of some of the modules, while also identifying the company and product name. On the back are details about the kit and the specifications seen previously. There is not much on the sides here, with the company website as the only useful bit of information available.

Remove the top cover and you will see all the modules and the box of accessories in shaped, cut foam compartments. In fact, these compartments are on both parts of the box, so everything is snugly covered by thick foam on all sides - excellent packaging here! Included is also a quick start guide which points you to the extremely useful help page and points out that there are already useful profiles provided with the driver and on the community profiles page, there for the various supported programs. Those two pages are great places to start as this is really a hardware and software combination working together, and the already built-in basics help cut down the learning curve tremendously.

In the accessories box is a male micro-USB to male Type-A USB cable to connect the kit to your computer via the core module. The cable is not the longest at a little over 1.5', and given you are going to want this close to your monitor, I suggest getting an extension or a longer cable should you not use a laptop and have your tower more than a foot from your monitor. Also included are two stickers for the company should you want to show it off.
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