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Phanteks Evolv Shift Review

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The package of the Phanteks Evolv Shift is very simple. You won't find anything but the case branding on the larger and the company logo on the smaller panels. Not pictured here is the plain brown box the whole package ships in, so your chassis will essentially come double packed.

The chassis itself is held in place by two fairly bulky Styrofoam spacers. A plastic bag protects the Evolv Shift from scratches and fingerprints during the packing process.


As is customary with Phanteks cases, the screws are sorted nicely in a plastic box you may use even after having fully assembled your system. You will also find a good number of zip ties, a Phanteks badge should you want to brand the exterior of the chassis further, and four rubber rings for when you want to use the chassis flat on its side instead of standing it up. To round things out, Phanteks has also included a very high quality, glossy instruction manual.
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