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Pulsar Xlite Wireless Review

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Aside from the mouse, one finds a charging cable (USB Type-A to Type-C), wireless extender, wireless dongle, sticker, and quick start guide inside the sturdy box.


My scale shows around 59 g (+/- 1 g), which is almost exactly in line with the weight cited by Pulsar. An excellent weight, especially when keeping in mind that the Xlite Wireless is rather large. The difference of 11 g in comparison to the wired Xlite is all but entirely due to the added battery.


The Xlite Wireless comes with a paracord-like, braided charging cable (USB Type-A to Type-C). There is no anchor at the mouse-end of the cable, so the cable may come loose during use, though it is unlikely given it sits fairly tight. In terms of flexibility, it is actually superior to the cable of the wired Xlite, though not quite on the level of the ASUS ROG Gladius III Wireless or Keris Wireless charging cable. Accordingly, the Xlite Wireless can be used as if it were a wired mouse with barely, if any, perceivable difference in terms of handling compared to an actually wired mouse. The cable is 1.80 m long. It has a ferrite bead attached, which reduces signal noise, as well as gold-plated USB connectors.

The charging cable also functions as an extension cable if used in conjunction with the wireless extender. The wireless extender can be used to keep the distance between dongle and mouse as short as possible. Since the mouse lacks a storage compartment for the dongle, the extender can also simply be used as something to attach the dongle to, which reduces the likelihood of the dongle being lost when traveling.


The feet on the Xlite Wireless are white-dyed pure PTFE (Teflon) feet. Glide is excellent. The ring around the sensor ensures CPI stay consistent upon applying vertical pressure. Indents next to the feet make them easier to remove.
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