QNAP TS-421 & QTS 4.0 Review 3

QNAP TS-421 & QTS 4.0 Review

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The NAS comes in a large, sturdy package that offers adequate protection. The front has a photo of the NAS with the LCD screen in the middle. The model number and what this unit is capable of are depicted at the top of the front, against a blue backdrop.

This side gives a glimpse of the interface that the fresh operating system provides. Also, a series of icons depict the basic applications and functions this NAS supports.

This side has a brief, multilingual features list. On the bottom is a useful scheme describing all the buttons, LED indicators, and I/O ports found at the front and back of the NAS.

This side deals with the cloud features of the NAS and with the mobile applications it supports.

Contents & Bundle

Once we opened the top flap of the box, a "thank you" message welcomed us, along with links to QNAP's support and social media pages and the corresponding QR codes. The first thing you will find inside the box is the quick installation guide, which we will examine in detail later. Two large foam spacers protect the unit well. It is also wrapped in plastic.

The accessories box stores all necessary screws for the installation of four HDDs, two Ethernet cables, and the power brick along with the corresponding power cord. No software CD is included since QNAP wants you to download the latest software from their site. This isn't so terrible for a NAS as you will probably already have an internet connection, or you wouldn't buy one in the first place.

The power brick is provided by EDACPOWER, and its model number is EA11351-A-120. It can deliver up to 10 A with 12 VDC output, making 120 W available to the NAS, which is more than enough.
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