QPAD QH-90 Gaming Headset Review 7

QPAD QH-90 Gaming Headset Review



QPAD is well-known for their high-quality gaming gear, and they have recently updated their gaming headset lineup with two brand new designs. Today, we will take a look at the QH-90: a fully closed-back headset with a lot of neat features. QPAD put a lot of work into creating a good headset/headphone hybrid. The cable attached to the headset is very short and hooks up to the volume- and microphone controller. The headset also features a very clean design, and the microphone is removable. There is even a small plug you can use to cover the hole it plugs into.


  • Hi-fi capable 53mm drivers for supreme audio quality
  • 15-25.000 Hz frequency response
  • Detachable microphone (quick and easy to plug/unplug for music-only purposes)
  • Solid aluminum construction for durability and stability
  • Super-soft, padded leather headband and velour padding on cups for maximum comfort
  • Closed cup design on QH-90 for enhanced bass-reproduction and sound leakage

The Package

QPAD definitely thinks they are onto something with their new headsets since they ship in a box espousing that QPAD brings HiFi to the game! The box is huge and sturdy and is, not surprisingly, filled to the rim.

It is hard to ask for more to be included in the bundle. The QH-90s ship with all sorts of extras, including a padded carrying pouch.

The control box is very light and feels a bit flimsy, but it works alright.

Bundling a LAN-party headset with a padded pouch is always a good idea! QPAD's attention to detail is quite amazing when it comes to the bundle.

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