Quick Look: TDBT SuperC Pro NVMe Enclosure 0

Quick Look: TDBT SuperC Pro NVMe Enclosure


I would like to thank TDBT for supplying the sample.

TDBT is a boutique brand offering Thunderbolt as well as USB-C based products. The SuperC Pro is a tool-less, USB-C Gen2 based enclosure that can handle both NVMe and SATA drives.

Packaging and A Closer Look

The SuperC Pro ships in a compact, full-color package with an image of the enclosure on the front and some additional specifications and information on the rear.

TDBT includes both a USB-C and USB-A cable in the package, so you can easily use the enclosure no matter which type of USB port your host system has. On top of that, there is a thermal pad and a pamphlet with basic instructions on how to add your storage drive. I was surprised to see the thermal pad since the drive and enclosure do not touch at any given time, but hey, it will be used regardless.

The exterior of the TDBT SuperC Pro is made out of a single aluminium piece. This is achieved by taking a long pipe of this shape, cutting it down to size, and then finishing off the edges and drilling holes as needed. There is a subtle TDBT logo on top, while the underside is completely devoid of any additional labels.

The USB-C port is centered on one end of the SuperC Pro, with a small blue LED set to shed light through the hole in the housing. Given the enclosure is tool-less, all you need to do is press and pull the tab, which will then slide out the inner plastic tray:s housing both the controller PCB and drive.

The TDBT SuperC Pro weights in at 47 grams, which is fairly light. The lack of material usually also translate into less cooling prowess. In comparison, TDBT's own original SuperC weighs in at 89 grams, which does not include the separate 11-gram internal heatsink it ships with.

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