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Razer Pro|Solutions Pro|Click Mobile Review

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The Package

The Pro|Click Mobile ships in a small cardboard box. On the front of the box you can see what the mouse inside looks like, and on the back you can read about its features and other Pro|Solutions products.

On the back of the package you can see all of the four different colors this little laptop mouse is available in. The one I got for review is "Spicy Red". With four different colors available I think it's safe to say that you can get the color that you like the best, whether you like a clean black/white design or the funky red/pink variant.

Inside the package you find a styrofoam box. The mouse and battery is sitting within this box. In my opinion the mouse lays very well protected inside this "double package".

One of the things that surprised me a bit is that Razer actually ships some batteries with this mouse. So you basically get everything you need in order to get started immediately besides a laptop with Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to mouse and batteries you also get a stylish carrying bag for the mouse. The manual is quite comprehensive and translated into a lot of languages, even Danish!

Since this mouse is a Bluetooth one you will need either a Bluetooth capable laptop or desktop PC. Now a Bluetooth dongle can be had for about €15/$20 if you want to use this mouse with your stationary PC. Most new laptops have a Bluetooth adapter built into them.
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