Roccat Suora FX Keyboard Review 8

Roccat Suora FX Keyboard Review

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Packaging and Accessories

While Roccat does operate a web shop based in Germany, this sample was not from them directly, and hence, we begin with the product packaging. As with the keyboard itself, Roccat is using a small box to fit everything, and I appreciate that. A dust plastic cover on the outside and colorful imagery on all sides greet you, with illustrations and specs to help give an introduction to the customer in case this is seen for the first time in a brick and mortar store. There is a single flap with a seal to help keep the contents inside in place.

Open the box and a piece of soft foam is seen, which helps protect the keyboard underneath further. Good job with the packaging overall, Roccat! In terms of accessories, you get a disposal information manual, which is rather unique to this industry and also something you will hopefully not have to refer to anytime soon. Also included is a quick guide (online copy here) to remind you of the Roccat Swarm driver you'll need to make the most of the keyboard.
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