Rosewill RGH-3300 Pro Gaming Headset Review 2

Rosewill RGH-3300 Pro Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

The Rosewill RGH-3300 comes in a very simple box. Its front displays the headset and its key features, as declared by the manufacturer: angled 50-millimeter drivers, durable comfort (the what?), ergonomic design, and precise sound positioning. For a $35 gaming headset, ambitions seem to be set quite high right from the get go.

On the rear, you'll find another picture of the headset, a list of the contents inside, and a description of more features. The technical specifications and supported devices are listed on the sides. Overall, there's nothing wrong with the box. It appears sturdy and its contents are protected with an additional plastic case. I don't foresee a scenario where the headset arrives at your home address broken, even if it wasn't treated with much care during transport.

Inside, you'll find the headset itself, along with a simple user manual in English only and the 1.1-meter Y-spitter cable you'll need in order to connect the headset to your motherboard or any other device with audio in and out.
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