Sapphire X1950 GT Review 21

Sapphire X1950 GT Review

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The Card

Sapphire uses their well established blue PCB color for these cards. The cooler is also customized by Sapphire. Instead of the red transparent ATI cooler we know from the X1900 GT Rev. 2, a blue cooler can be found on the card which communicates Sapphire's corporate identity much better.

The back of the card is fairly standard, all hot components are on the other side.

Like you would expect from a high-end video card, two Dual-Link DVI outputs are on the card. So you can attach displays running higher than 1600x1200. If you have an older analog display, you can of course use the included DVI adapters on both ports.

As mentioned before, the X1950 GT can be paired with other RV570 GPUs to run in CrossFire which improves performance and/or image quality. With future ATI Catalyst versions it will also be possible to run Quad-CrossFire. The internal connector cable is included with the accessories.
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