Sharkoon ELITE SHARK CA700 Review 5

Sharkoon ELITE SHARK CA700 Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 has an MSRP of €399 incl. taxes. That said, it looks to be hard to find in the US.
  • Massive, well-built open-air frame chassis
  • Five quiet, retail 120 mm ARGB fans included
  • Generic 8-port ARGB hub with dedicated button included
  • Ability for three different expansion-slot setups out of the box
  • Vertical GPU mount can hold 2.5 or 3.5-inch slot GPUs easily
  • Lots of room for long, horizontally placed GPU and side cooling
  • Includes PCIe riser cable
  • PCIe cable is long, so you may still use the remaining slots
  • Can hold up to two 360 mm radiators
  • Lots of cable-routing possibilities
  • Mounting plate for pump or reservoir
  • Adjustable tilt
  • Hex tool may be used to secure covers from falling and hurting you
  • Two PWM fan-splitter cables included
  • Velcro strips for easy cable management and adjustments
  • Extremely well packaged
  • This is not a sensible chassis
  • Cable management is a bit difficult
  • Fan ARGB LEDs are not diffused as nicely as marketing shots portrait
  • Open-air frame means no dust protection
Many brands tend to have one out-of-this-world case design that has nothing to do with sensibility or affordability to show off design ideas with no or very few practical limitations in place. This certainly holds true for the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 with its massive box and nice unboxing experience to start and continues with the high part count and attention to detail.

While those are all traits of framed, open-air cases, the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 does strive for balance with a very good set of functionality and a useful building experience. The five ARGB fans on their own will cost you €50 if you were to buy them separately, and the PCIe ribbon is valued at around €30, conservatively speaking. All this adds functional value to your build. The fans are quiet and look good. However, the individual ARGB LEDs are a bit too visible at times. They also aid in cooling things down a bit even for an open-air frame chassis. Then there is that nice and long PCIe cable to still use the remaining slots of your motherboard without issue. Add that the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 can easily hold long PSUs, GPUs, and even up to two 360 mm radiators—one in the ceiling and one on the side—and you may think I am speaking about a classic, yet capable ATX tower case instead.

However, all of that doesn't make the Sharkoon Elite Shark CA700 a sensible case at its €400 price tag, but it is not meant to be. What it does allow you to do is stuff it full of costly, deserving high-end no-limits hardware, ideally with your own custom liquid cooling and lots of ARGB, thus giving you quite the menacing, sturdy, and sleek way to show it all off with the aim of being vastly different and unique first and foremost.
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