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Sharkoon Light² 200 Review

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Along with the mouse one finds an interchangeable non-honeycomb back cover, three differently colored button covers for the CPI button (one of them being taller than the others), a set of replacement mouse feet, and a manual in the box.


My scale shows around 62 g (+/- 1 g), which is exactly in line with the weight cited by Sharkoon. The Light² 200 is even lighter than the already light and similarly sized Xtrfy M4: an excellent result. The non-honeycomb back cover merely weighs 3 g more, bringing the weight up to a still highly competitive 65 g.


The Light² 200 features a paracord-like braided cable. Flexibility isn't as good as on the MM711 or XM1 White, but still decent. I'd say it's a bit worse than the Xtrfy M4 cable. Its length is 1.80 m (measured). The cable has a ferrite bead attached to it, which helps reduce signal noise, as well as a gold-plated USB connector.


The feet on the Light² 200 are white-dyed pure PTFE (Teflon) feet with rounded edges. I'm positive these are the same as on the recent Glorious Model D/O/O-. Likewise, glide is excellent, and thickness is above average. The ring around the sensor ensures CPI stays consistent upon applying vertical pressure.
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