Shuttle NC02U w/ Intel Celeron 3855U Review 2

Shuttle NC02U w/ Intel Celeron 3855U Review

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The box looks plain but offers good protection, which is its main purpose, after all. On one of its sides is a sticker with the product's major technical specifications. That same sticker also depicts the mini PC's dimensions, its weight, and the capacity of its power adapter.


Two large foam spacers protect the NC02U inside the box. The smaller box contains all of its accessories.

The accessories box stores the power brick, VESA mount, SSD cage, a couple stands for installing the PC vertically, a software disc, and the quick start guide, along with three sets of screws.

The power brick is by Asian Power Devices, and its model number is DA-65A19. It takes universal input (100-240V), like 99% of today's power bricks, and can deliver up to 3.42 A with 19 V output.
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