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Silverstone Temjin TJ07B Review

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The Silverstone Temjin TJ07 ships in a massive cardboard box. You better have a lot of space in your closet/garage/basement for this sucker. It has a black backdrop and shows a little teaser image of the case. More detailed information can be found on either side of the package. There is an image of the case and a promotional text.

The case itself is protected with foam spacers, which in turn are secured by cardboard. The chassis has been placed in a very sturdy plastic bag. You should not have to worry about anything damaging the precious contents with such a setup.


The contents ship in a plastic bag. Inside you will find a manual, a PSU ATX 24 pin splitter, the usual set of screws and a backplate to install a redundant PSU instead of a mainstream one. The ATX splitter is needed when installing two power supplies to use with a single system. Some use such a configuration to seperately power the mainboard and graphic cards.
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