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SteelSeries Rival 110 Review

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The SteelSeries Rival 110 comes in a pretty small box (which is environmental friendly, so I fancy it over the bigger ones—this one also lacks a lot of the unnecessary plastic inside). It has the same design elements and colors as the other newer SteelSeries products, so gray, orange, and white dominate the scheme. While the package is small, the mouse itself is well protected and tightly packed up inside. The contents of the box are only the mouse and a user manual—no extra set of mouse feet, unfortunately.


The Rival 110 has the exact same shape as the Rival 100. It is an ambidextrous design with side buttons only on the left, so it may not be entirely suitable for left-handed users. The mouse has a safe shape that can be used with any grip style depending on the user's preferences and size of hands. I would say it will probably fit fingertip and claw grippers mostly; for palm-gripping it you'd probably need hands that are below average in size. I am a claw gripper with 18.5 cm long hands and could use this mouse comfortably. The side buttons were not in the way for my thumb, so there weren't any accidental clicks. The side parts are grooved inward in a way that helps with picking up the mouse, but the main buttons unfortunately do not have comfort grooves.

The Rival 110 is a small to medium-sized mouse, but it's leaning towards the medium side. It is 120.6 mm (4.75") long, which is quite an average length for the shell, and there is no button overhanging on the front. The width is 58 mm (2.28") on the front, 57 mm (2.24") in the middle, and 68 mm (2.68") in the back. The height is 38.1 mm (1.5") at the tallest point, and the hump is located a bit more towards the back of the shell.


Here are some shape/size comparisons with other mice:

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