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Streacom DB4 Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The Streacom DB4 goes for 299 euros including taxes, so you should see it for around that price in US dollars excluding taxes.
  • Immaculate construction quality
  • Very detailed engineering
  • Completely silent
  • Great design
  • Appropriate cooling capability - up to 65 W out of the box
  • Could be used for a light gaming rig thanks to its expansion slots
  • Super flexible due to its mounting plates and rail system
  • Can hold plenty of hard drives right out of the box - up to seven if you are using a nanoPSU
  • Well-placed power button and LED
  • Fairly easy cooling unit assembly
  • Cooling may be expanded to 110 W if needed
  • ODD kit available separately
  • A hard drive status light could be of use in some scenarios
  • Manual mentions HDD mounting scenarios which require more mounting plates than are included
  • The bare minimum amount of thermal paste included
Yes, the Streacom DB4 clocks in at a hefty 299 euros. Yes, the PSU, an upgraded cooling solution, or the ODD are all extras you have to pay extra for. But its price tag is quite appropriate because of the immaculate engineering, construction, and use of materials. In essence, we are talking about nearly 7 kg of pure aluminum in a tiny cube chassis. In comparison, traditional aluminum cases of similar dimensions weigh in at 1.5 kg.

Streacom also makes good use of the aluminum with the large grooves on all four sizes. The increased surface area and large size maximizes the chassis' cooling potential. Right out of the box, the DB4 is rated for up to 65 W TDP CPUs, which means you will be able to use potent Skylake or Kaby Lake processors. In case you are worried about hitting the advertised limit, you may expand the cooling capability to a very comfortable 110 W with the LH6 Cooling-Kit. Those who may cry out that it should be included out of the box, consider this: If you buy a boxed CPU, you will also just get a cooler that works with the processor, so spending 35 euros to nearly double the potential seems perfectly justifiable.

From a design perspective, the cube's dimensions and perfectly constructed aluminum and uniquely shaped stands also come together to make the Streacom DB4 quite the sexy chassis. Thus, it is great to see that the interior is intricately engineered to enable utmost flexibility. The mounting plates may look simple, but the frame to attach them to, and the spring-loaded locks and mounting holes for all the panels of the chassis are really where it is at. The result is an extremely easy assembly process and that satisfaction of powering up a completely silent system.

There are a few small downsides, one being that Streacom only includes the bare minimum of thermal paste and that the manual shows possible hard-drive scenarios which may require more than the number of included mounting plates.

I am nit-picking here because the Streacom DB4 is not just an engineering and design marvel. It also works, does so well, and offers nearly perfect construction quality. So is it worth the price? Certainly! Want to build a good, but nearly silent gaming rig? Grab the LH6 Cooling-Kit and a short GTX 1060 and enjoy dabbling in ultimate style.
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