Sunrise Ray DA-P1 Headphone amplifier & DAC Review 0

Sunrise Ray DA-P1 Headphone amplifier & DAC Review

Value & Conclusion

  • The Sunrise Audio Ray DA-P1 sells for $200 / €156.
  • Nice feature set
  • Well-executed design
  • Good layout
  • Convenient size
  • Great sound
  • Durable casing
  • Drives anything excepts the least efficient headphones well
  • Works with Android
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Long play time 20-30 hours
  • Cannot drive incredibly demanding headphones
  • Not the most detailed
  • No OTG cable in bundle
  • No line-out
Sunrise Audio's Ray DA-P1 is a brilliant, portable DAC / amp. It works with most current Android devices, and its sound quality is a major upgrade compared to solely using the headphone-out on most phones. The headphone amplifier on it does very well with medium hard-to-drive headphones. The DA-P1 performs very well for its size but cannot quite cut it when compared to the both more expensive and larger O2 amplifier, but the units are designed for very different things. As a small on-the-go DAC / amp, the DA-P1 is very close to perfect, but there are a few pitfalls in the design. Its performance is not that great with low-impedance headphones, and it is not that useful when paired with high-end in-ears.

The Sunrise Ray DA-P1 begins to prove its worth once you move up in size and down in sensitivity. This amplifier is right at home with medium hard-to-drive headphones, like the HE-400 and HE-500s from HiFiMAN. It also works great with the high-impedance earbuds that Sunrise Audio makes.
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